Kid of Kid n’ Play Arrested, Says “Peace to the Po-Po” – No Hard Feelings After Major Mistake

So you guys, earlier  today, TMZ reported

“Christopher “Kid” Reid — one half of the rap group Kid n’ Play — was arrested in Los Angeles earlier today … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the 47-year-old rapper is currently in custody.

We’re told LAPD officers went to Reid’s home to take him into custody because there was an active warrant out for his arrest. So far, it’s unclear why the warrant was issued in the first place.

Sources tell us Kid was “very cooperative” with the cops. . .”

Later in the day TMZ reports he was  released and it turns out, according to TMZ, Kid was a “victim of some seriously messy paperwork at the LAPD.” Now what does Kid have to say to about the erroneous work by LAPD ? “I love L.A. Peace to the Po-Po,” was his response.

Gotta love the Kid. What a response. Clearly he does not do drama.


In Kid’s case, there is no report of any kind of inappropriateness or intentional framing etc. by the police. They were doing their job and it appeared they were respectful of Kid. There was a huge “clerical error” they realized it and released him within hours. Nice ending to what could have been a horrible story.

What if you are not that lucky and the “huge clerical error” stays undiscovered? Would you be saying “peace to the Po-po?” No you won’t. As crazy as this might sound, these things happen and I can definitely attest to criminal matters that I have had that was as a result of mistaken identity/erroneous police paperwork. These mistakes speak to the kind of challenges our legal system faces ,compounded with the enormous strain in terms of budget on court resources and law enforcement.

In any event, clearly if you fell into this situation, there would be no “peace to the Po-po” it would be a “it ain’t dat kind of party” response. So, arm yourself with proper information, now.

For information on what to know about your rights if you should be arrested “clerical or non-clerical,” click here. The information in the aforementioned link included violation of probation.

For TMZ’s subsequent report, click here.

On another note, I miss the Kid n Play. 🙂 They were so fun back in the days and seem like they still are. Check a more recent interview with the duo.