Lawyers Get Sanctioned for Electronic Discovery


“*Oh, electronic discovery.*

You were supposed to make life so much easier for everyone. Yes, you were expensive, what with your vendors charging fortunes-per-terabyte. But the promise was so high: No more conference rooms with boxes of documents (pictured). No more page-by-page document reviews for associates. No more tedious needle-in-the-haystack searches for relevant words and phrases.

And because you would make discovery so efficient, there’d be no more missed deadlines, no more mistakes, no more sanctions.

From all accounts, electronic discovery is accomplishing a lot of this. But according to a new study done by King & Spalding and reported in the Duke Law Journal, lawyers are getting sanctioned for electronic-discovery violations at an unprecedented rate. Click here for the study; here for the ABA Journal article report; here for a report from the Catalyst E-Discovery Blog.”~ WSJ has the full story.