Mo’Money, Mo’Problems: Diddy Sued for $1 Trillion for Causing 9/11 Attacks


This case is one of those situations where I wonder what lawyer thought it was okay to forge ahead with filing this suit. I am hoping it is, as usual, one of those “the media makes it look simpler than it really is” situations. But the media here is so hmm . . . the facts might really be what they say it is. Either way, one thing is clear. Diddy was right when he sang the hit single “Mo’ Money Mo’Problems.”

“There are plenty of valid reasons for suing P Diddy, or Sean Combs. Constantly changing his name. Appearing in a hundred videos and just saying, “uh huh, yeah.” His VH1 series I Want to Work for Diddy.

But conspiring with Rodney King to bring down the World Trade Center on September 11th? Questionable. But that’s just what happened according to Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, RadarOnline reports. She also alleges that P Diddy date raped her 24 years ago. In addition, she claims that she dated P Diddy, and they have a son named Cornelius Wilson who is 23.

The P Diddy lawsuit is seeking $1 trillion, $900 billion for child support and $100 billion in damages, according to the complaint obtained by RadarOnline. It’s like they say, aim for the moon, even if you miss you might land small settlement for nuisance value. Though it would have been more sensible to see Diddy sued after getting some of his cologne in her eye or something. . .” has the full story.