No Journalist Protection for Documentary Filmmaker

“The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled today that filmmaker Joseph Berlinger can’t invoke journalistic privilege to prevent outtake footage from his documentary Crude from falling into the hands of Chevron.

Lawyers for Chevron argued that 600 hours of raw footage from Berlinger’s film was “urgently needed evidence” critical to the company’s defense of litigation in Ecuador. The case was heard in July before the Second Circuit after a federal judge had ordered Berlinger to cooperate, saying that Chevron’s subpoena attempts were “no fishing expedition.” Since the ruling, the footage handed over has played a role in the ongoing case.

Berlinger has maintained that he is fighting for the First Amendment in his attempts to hold back Chevron, and he has received support from the Directors Guild of America and prominent media organizations in his fight. . .” THR, Esq. has full story.