Oprah School Worker Acquitted of Molestation


The school worker accused of sexual molestation at Oprah’s school in South Africa has been acquitted of all charges. Oprah has a problem with this. “We began this child molestation trial in 2008. More than two years later, I am profoundly disappointed at the outcome of the trial,” said Oprah in a  press statement this past Monday on the acquittal. “I will forever be proud of the nine girls who testified with the courage and conviction to be heard.”

The prosecutor failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this school worker indeed molested these children. Arguably justice has prevailed, especially if indeed she never committed the alleged abuse. If she didn’t, her life is already ruined. She has had almost no success securing a job since the incident and is now, on the world map, perceived as a child abuser/molester. If she indeed abused  “profound disappointment” as Oprah put it that she got away with it. Okay! Magazine has the  full story here.


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