Should an Illegal Immigrant Be Allowed to Practice Law in the USA?


You decide this issue in contention.

“What does one see when one looks at Luis Perez? A model citizen and role model? A scofflaw? A reminder of just how broken our immigration system is?

Let us explain: Perez recently got his law degree from UCLA (pictured), and in so doing became the first “undocumented” immigrant ever to do so. He’s planning on taking the California bar exam in January.

But for now, his immigration status prevents him from practicing law and, for that matter, landing a legal-industry job.

So for now, according to this piece by LA Times columnist Hector Tobar, Perez is waiting — and hoping that Congress soon passes the so-called “Dream Act,” which would grant a path to legal residency for undocumented immigrants who graduate from college or serve honorably in the military. . . ” Full story on Wall Street Journal.