T.I Stops Night Club Brawl: Diddy Ya Too Grown for this Mess, Don’t Ya Think?! #Criminal Law

T.I understands what it is like to stay “locked up” and “they won’t let you out” in the song made famous by Africa’s own Akon. Clearly having experienced incarceration and just recently being released, he refuses to be locked up, again; and definitely not on account of foolishness caused by a fellow hip-hop mogul, Diddy.

Interrupting this very important post to give you Akon’s Locked Up.

Folks we are in the area of criminal law. For both you celebrities and non-celebrities reading this, our US criminal laws is not particularly impressed with your accolades. If you do the crime, you most likely will do the time when caught, unless of course you can get the best of legal defense teams to defend you. Even then, depending on the facts, criminal defense lawyers can only do so much. You can’t get around your client doing time (for a short while) if that is the best deal on the table, rather than a guilty verdict and a long, long time behind bars.

With criminal law, I tend to want to just keep things even more to the point than I already do. In this instance, Diddy is too grown for this mess and clearly T.I realized it and helped rein him in. Although Diddy still had something to say. *Shaking my head (smh)* But, then again, there is that thing called ego and we all have it. Sitting on our egos can be the hardest thing ever, innit?

Wondering what kind of time Diddy would have done if he was involved in a fight?

See Fashionentlaw.com’s Ray J. v Fabulous fight case here.

Otherwise, check out the TMZ video and a little excerpt from TMZ below:

VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT Mirrors more of the real life in settings like this. You know what’s interesting too, getting the police reports in criminal defense matters I handle and reading through all the language like the ones below and thinking, “mennh! We lawyers never have it quite easy.” LOL!

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“Days after being released from federal custody, rapper T.I. grabbed a mic inside an Atlanta nightclub this weekend and BEGGED Diddy to chill out … after the mogul threatened to get violent with a man in the crowd.

It all went down at the BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend after-party at Compound nightclub — when Diddy, a spokesman for Ciroc Vodka, spotted someone drinking a rival liquor.

Diddy began shouting at the man, “B*tch ass n**gas … put that sh*t down … before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass.”

It appears Diddy grabs ice and throws it at the man … before screaming, “What the f**k are you gonna do, b*tch? F**king f*ggot ass light skin n**gas get the f*ck out of my face.”

That’s when T.I. — who’s still on probation stemming from a gun arrest — grabbed another microphone and pleaded with Diddy, “I done paid enough time … and nobody else in this motherf**ker [who is] talking about fighting done did no time. . .”

TMZ has the full story.


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