Tiger Woods Ex-Mistress Returns Millions, Threatens Suit Against Gloria Allred, Former Attorney

Some may or may not like the always on your TV screen Attorney Gloria Allred.  But, at the end of the day, barring a true case of professional misconduct, my opinion is that Rachel Uchitel’s lawsuit will cost her unnecessary expenses and frustration and  yield in unfavorable results.Translated, this means it is a waste of time, not to be harsh. It would be too long to explain why trying to sue Gloria Allred under this scenario, as reported, is a waste of time.

Suffice it to say that if you hire an attorney for legal services, your attorney cannot arm twist you to settle your case or take a plea, if in criminal court. That decision lies with you. So, if you make a decision and things don’t work out i.e. you get more time than you bargained on the criminal end or you are told to return millions as in Utchel’s case, too bad so sad. It is what it is. Deal with it.

“After handing back millions of dollars in settlement hush money from Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel has decided she wants the loot back – and this time she’s going after her former lawyer, Gloria Allred.

According to TMZ, the 36-year-old has returned nearly all of the hush money she received from Tiger and is now looking to sue her lawyer, Gloria Allred, for allegedly selling her out to cash in.

According to the site’s sources, Woods’ lawyer, Jay Lavely, who is responsible for the hush money negotiations, contacted Allred several months ago stating that Rachel violated the terms of their agreement during her stint on “Celebrity Rehab,” in which she sought treatment for her “addiction to love.”

Although Uchitel vehemently denied the violation, sources told TMZ that Allred convinced her she would lose a court case over the matter and urged her client to pay back most of the money, all the while collecting her attorney fees, a sum which she would not have received in the case was taken to court and lost. . .”  Gossip Center has the full story.

Photocredit: LAWeekly