Beyonce, Best Thing I “Never Had”- Why Does it Matter On Your Wedding Day, That was High School?!

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Beyonce is a very hard working woman. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Having observed her perform up close and personal, she brings the heat and you can see the intensity of her work ethics in full effect. Nevertheless,  I have had a hard time ever understanding, for the most part, her lyrics. I always feel she has a very weird interpretation of relationships that further messes up the already messed up relationship views many hold in the USA.

In one of her hit singles of the past “Irreplaceable,” for example, she basically, as a single woman, had a kept guy and when he started acting up, she reminded him who was really THE boss i.e. he could be replaced. She wanted the key to her home returned etc. The situation was so embarrassing for me to watch because this guy didn’t even have much to his name. YET, she allowed him move in with her. A whole Beyonce? Miss Independent woman. Is the point of being an “Independent woman” so you can have him move in with you?

Why would any single woman in her right mind want to foot all bills and expenses for a man?  She does all that and what happens? Exactly what happens in Beyonce’s song. He totally gets smart with her and even has the nerve to be abusive and cheat on her, as the story goes in Beyonce’s video. *Sigh*

There have been so many of  Beyonce’s songs that have this parallel theme.

Her latest “Love I Never Had,” which is hard to hide from because it is everywhere makes my case, yet again.  So, the idea in the latter is that some high school guy Beyonce dated, ditched her. She now marries  the man who was really meant for her. But, on her wedding day, her special day, instead of rejoicing with her man, she spends most of the time being thankful she was no longer with her high school ex?! I mean she runs off and all just to sing this song. *Confused face* Like really? What’s really good Beyonce? Something is off.

It just seems like a big disparity and weirdness to compare the relationship she had with a teenage boy with that of a MAN who she is saying “I do” to.  What’s wrong with this picture? I also feel sorry for the man marrying her in the video and song. It’s like even on his special day, the guy can’t enjoy his bride because she runs off to sing some “look at me now” song to an ex.

Often I do get into my philosophical musings about relationships and the image projected by a fashion and entertainment industry I care about. I realize that many who find stardom do so at a young age. These young stars have not had the time to mature psychologically, mentally and emotionally. They, however, get to share their teenage idea of love with the rest of society and it is amazing how society eats up these weird ideas of love and relationships.

“Love I Never Had” is now going viral. It is a solid video, especially on the fashion end. On the lyrics end, it makes me wonder about Beyonce’s view, especially as a married woman, on what constitutes a healthy relationship. Last I read, her music is inspired by her personal life stories. #hmmm . . .#justhinking

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