VIDEO: ’60 Minutes’ Eminem Road to Stardom Interview

This week while I will cover some legal topics, I definitely want to share with you inspiring experiences that I hope motivate you to reach deep and be the best you can be. Especially for those in the creative field, fashion and entertainment, attaining wealth or stardom doesn’t diminish childhood/existing issues you might have had prior to success. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, you must find your own truth. Finding your own truth is what inspires you to dig deep and create work that is simply life altering/changing for those who experience it. A case in point of finding one’s truth and ultimately happiness/peace is Eminem.

The 37 year old rapper recently sat with 60 Minutes Anderson Cooper for a one on one interview. A high school drop out, raised by a single parent, bullied as a kid, drug addict, he somehow makes it to the top as a rapper. He also, finally, has to face his demons. Be inspired.