Asia Legal Drama: KARA Ditches Landmark, Hires Hankyul Law Firm continues to follow up with the KARA litigation I announced to you all just a little while ago. In pertinent part:

“KARA’s legal dispute with DSP Media has now developed into a battle between professional law firms.

DSP Media was hit with a lawsuit three days ago from KARA’s Seungyeon, Nicole, and Jiyoung, and unable to avoid a legal battle, went ahead by bringing in Sejong Law Firm’s Im Sang Hyuk. Sejong is one of the representative law firms in the nation, as it houses over 300 lawyers by itself.

KARA’s trio, who had been working with Landmark ever since the start of this dispute, was recently revealed to have been in a secret meeting with Hankyul Law Firm on February 16th. Representatives of the trio asked Hankyul to take on their case, and Hankyul accepted.

Hankyul is known for their work in the entertainment industry, as they made headlines in 2005 for taking on the ‘celebrity x-files’ case. Hankyul is also responsible for 60% of the film distribution companies in the nation.”

What Legal Issue Brought to the Forefront

Substitution of Attorney: You don’t like your attorney, for whatever reason, you can terminate your relationship with him/her/your attorney’s firm and get a new lawyer. To do so, in California and most states you must file the right document, a ‘Substitution of Attorney’ form replacing your old with your new one. If no attorney will take your case and you still want your lawyer gone, you will still need to file the same form but this time. Your name will replace your attorney’s because you will be responsible for representing yourself. has the full story.