Asia Legal Drama: Rapper Crown J Denies Assault Claims by Ex-Manager

“Rapper Crown J sat down for an interview with TV Report and denied all claims made by his former manager in the assault case (against him). . . In fact, Crown J has emphasized that he himself was the victim of fraud and threats.

He exclaimed, “I will reveal everything I’ve been going through. What I’m about to say is the absolute truth, so please believe me.”

According to Crown J, Seo (31) was his road manager, who had been with him since 2006. The two had known each other before Crown J had even debuted. “He was like a brother to me. In the summer of 2008, I decided that I needed to head back to the States, and it was around then that he began plotting this ‘fraud’.”

Seo convinced him that it’d be possible to get a credit loan of $200,000 USD from a non-monetary institution under his name if Crown J -a celebrity – would act as his surety. For days on end, Seo harassed Crown J, asking for him to follow through with the plan because “nothing would happen to a surety“, and that as long as he “legally existed”, Crown J would not be affected.

Crown J explained, “Since I’ve lived in the U.S. for a long time, I had no information regarding the Korean laws behind this. So like a fool, I agreed to do it because he was like a close brother. Reports, however, claimed that I was attempting to set up my own agency with him, and that the loan was taken out under both of our names, but this is a blatant lie.”

Seo eventually followed Crown J back to the U.S. Months later, he began promising Crown J that he’d get him a deal for a digital song release, and expressed that he’d have to go back to Korea for about a week to get work done. After he left, however, he disappeared from Crown J’s life.

Soon after, the bank that Seo took the loan from began making continuous calls to Crown J because he was Seo’s surety. They pressured him and his mother to begin making payments.

Crown J revealed, “When Seo disappeared, I was still in the U.S., so I really trusted him and thought that he was busy with other things. Every month, I made payments of $4,000 USD, as well as bigger payments of $30,000 USD and $20,000 USD on the side.”

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