Diggy Simmons & Pharell: Follow Your Passion

Where do I begin with this? I am a firm believer in not going with the flow but doing what you know in your heart is right and works for you, call it anti-conformist if you will. It is in my DNA. When it comes to career, I have, needless to say, the same modus operandi (MO). You’ve got to follow your passion. Be fearless. Live your passion, the money will come. Following your passion makes you wake up everyday eager to go do your work, your passion.

I am inspired by people who have the courage to follow their passion.

It is indeed a daunting task because on the one hand, there is your passion and then on the other hand, there is being pragmatic. Many times, following your passion does not initially lead to an overwhelming cash flow. On the contrary. How many stories have we heard of persons who achieved greatness, including in the fashion and entertainment industries, who followed their passions? Those stories seem to share a common thread with not having the resources to satisfy the basics of food, shelter and clothing.

The stories, however, also share the common thread of perseverance. A willingness to be uncomfortable, to go hungry, to not have a place to stay (“the starving artists”) just so these courageous men and women could realize their passions. Today, we celebrate them. Their glories and success stories: Tyler Perry, Rachel Ray, Tom Cruise, Eminem, 9ice, 2Face, Oprah and the list goes on. What is your passion? What will it take for you to follow your passion?

I enjoy this video where Diggy and Pharell speak to students at the Kidult Youth Leadership Conference and they address the importance of truly making sure you follow your passion, with respect to the music industry.

Have a great upcoming week and great day.


~Photocredit: Diggy Simmons