Diggy’s ‘Copy, Paste’ Song Perfect for Plaintiffs in Copyright Infringement Lawsuits


I love Diggy Simmons. This is not the first time I have featured him on this blog. (See here) I became a Diggy convert after subjecting myself to endless hours of Run’s House Reality TV show on MTV, a show I absolutely loved. I actually subscribe to Diggy’s blog and he has this incredible style sense and understanding of culture that is refreshing and at times mind blowing. (Note to Diggy: Diggy get back to blogging. You’ve been gone for a minute.)

Diggy just dropped his new single ‘Copy, Paste’ and I think it is a perfect song for Plaintiffs suing for copyright infringements, especially in the fashion law arena. Think the Christian Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent kind of cases.

Here is how the dialogue might look as Plaintiff makes its opening statement to the fashionable Fashion Law jury:

Fashionable Plaintiff: “Ladies and gentlemen, members of the jury,”
Fashion Law Jury: (Very attentive)
Fashionable Plaintiff: (Unexpectedly breaks into Diggy’s ‘Copy, Paste’ Song)

“Uh, check my million-dollar swag
I tell ’em 10-4 cause they wanna copy that
Uh, in the mall lotta shoppin bags
Baby girl what you want, your boy got the tab
If your man say where you at
I’ma tell him “I ain’t seen her”
Better hit her on her Jack
She’s gone for the evening
I make her lean back, Don Cartegena
Yea, you know what’s up Martin-Tommy-Gina
I’m that lead-off like Derek Jeter
They copy my demeanor
They be jockin’
I know they watchin’
I act like I don’t see em

I’ll never stop
Keep me on the job
When they be tryna copy and paste me
Copy and paste me
I’m on and I be in my zone
When they be tryna copy and paste me
Copy and paste me, I’m gone” ~Lyrics from Lyrics Hall.com

Can you see the visuals. I can. Your thoughts?

If you think all of the above lives only in my head, watch when this becomes a reality. I was reading the other day about artists who use rap music to help students learn their courses in school. I knew I should have saved that link so I could share with you all! In any event, check out this rising star and artists, designers, film makers, industry people, DO NOT try to “copy and paste.” But in the event you do, there are loads of lawyers who specialize in “copy, paste” defense to help you out. 🙂