Jay-Z, Kanye, ‘Watch The Throne,’ You Stole It, Alleges Singer Syl Johnson #Copyright Infringement

It has been barely two and a half months since Jay-Z was accused of stealing Big Pimpin’, nevertheless, yet another allegation of theft of a song arises. This time, the allegations are made against both Jay-Z and Kanye West by Soul Singer Syl Johnson. For the legal breakdown on what it means to steal a song from another person i.e. copyright infringement, click here. You can also watch my interview with my colleague on Copyright law and clearances, among other topics below.

MTV has the story.

“Def Jam’s lawyers are about to get busier. According to a post on “archival record label” and publisher the Numero Uno Group’s blog, acclaimed R&B/soul singer Syl Johnson is considering a lawsuit against the Throne (Jay-Z and Kanye West) for an uncleared sample of one of his songs on their album Watch the Throne. A sample of Johnson’s 1967 song “Different Strokes,” which appears on the track “The Joy,” was allegedly never properly cleared.

“Two decades and several lawsuits later, Syl Johnson is a veteran of copyright infringement cases, and has done very well for himself clearing samples from his fertile catalog (we’re glad to say we’ve helped him with a few) for use in numerous tracks,” reads part of the post. “He’s been amply paid, as he is quick to boast in his concerts, by acts like Wu-Tang Clan, Kid Rock, and Michael Jackson. Other performers … have not been so respectful.””

MTV has the full story.

Photocredit: KillerHip-hop