Photographer Sues VH1 for Unauthorized Use of N.W.A Pictures in Documentary #Copyright Infringement

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We’ve seen this kind of lawsuit before. From Rihanna to FELA! Broadway musical, the legal issues remain the same. Check on this story below:

“(CN) – VH1 did not have permission to use pictures of group N.W.A. in its documentary about the iconic hip hop founded by Dr. Dre with Ice Cube and others in 1986, the photographer claims in Manhattan federal court.

Howard Rosenberg, a professional photographer, is suing the owners of the TV station VH1, Viacom and Viacom International, as well as Creature Films for copyright infringement.

Rosenberg says he took pictures of the Los Angeles-based N.W.A., short for Niggaz With Attitude, just after the group released its 1988 album “Straight Outta Compton,” which is credited with introducing gangsta rap into mainstream music.

N.W.A., which disbanded in 1991, was originally made up of of six members: Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince and MC Ren.

Dr. Dre, one of the group’s producers, went on to become a platinum selling solo artist who pioneered the sounds of West Coast hip hop and later co-founded Death Row Records, which discovered famed rapper and songwriter Eminem.

N.W.A. songwriter Ice Cube is now a well-known writer, producer and actor, famous for his roles in “Boyz in the Hood,” “Anaconda” and the television show “Are We There Yet?”

CN has the full story.


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