Usher Breaks Down on Stage, Cancels Tour. Fans Think Drug Use. #Breach of Contract

Aspiring lawyer Natasha Eubanks who dropped out of law school to pursue her passion for blogging, reports on her blog, which pulled in $1million in revenue in 2009, the latest on Usher.

According to Natasha’s, Usher is canceling shows in Europe while on his OMG Tour. The most recent is a tour he canceled in Berlin. While his management claimed his cancellation was a result of illness, some of his fans believe it could be drug use.


“Usher‘s reps stated earlier this week that he would be cancelling his Berlin tour date due to illness.  But apparently, the Berlin and European fans believe something else is going on.

Here’s an email we received from a reader in Berlin about Usher getting caught drinking and possibly partaking in some “substances” at a bar right after he canceled his tour date:

Hey Natasha!

I’m from Germany and I’m pretty sure that almost none of you heard about the BIIIIIIIIIIG Usher scandal in Germany. Yesterday, Usher had his first show of his OMG Tour in Germany/Berlin and after the previous artist, Tinie Tempah, fans waited more than 40 minutes until the management cancelled the show because Usher “wasn’t feeling well” and they postponed it to today.

It is also said that he was seen in Berlin in a Cocktailbar after cancelling the concert! His fans had to wait about 40 more minutes today until he came on stage. There were five songs (sung only playback not live), interrupted by several 5-minute breaks during which Usher left the stage without further announcements and a “DJ” took over for a few minutes.

Then the fiasco took its course: as Usher sang a song which he sang “wrong and crooked”, he interrupted the song and gave an excuse for the cancellation of the previous day. While trying to sing everybody booed at him.

Usher’s reaction: he sat down and put his head on the microphone. After he had sung for another 10 seconds, he went off the stage. The lights went on and the concert was over. Fans from all over Germany, Austria and other countries came to see him and then something like this happened. No one knows exactly what happened, if he’s really ill or if he took drugs, too much alcohol. I thought this might be interesting for you and sorry for my bad English! ~The YBF”

When an artist cancels a concert, there is a potential claim by concert promoters for a breach of contract. The analysis of which can be found in the Mos Def Breach lawsuit. I hope the drug use allegation is false and it is indeed a situation of him being ill. Time will tell.