What Y’all Really Want? DMX Sued for $630,000 Over Botched Comeback Tour

Where do I start with this mess? How about a “what not to do as a business owner?” Strictly from a business perspective, I am having a hard time understanding how this booking agency expected a miracle out of DMX. They cite existing “nasty” legal problems they knew he had before they solicited DMX for a comeback performance overseas. They say they invested monies to clean up his legal mess. . . but did they invest money in the underlying psychological issues causing the legal mess in the first place?

That is like putting a band aid over a wound without going in and cleaning out the would, applying the appropriate first aid and then covering the wound with the band aid to actually heal. There is arguably and implied assumption of risk, not that it gets DMX off the hook, going on here.

In any event, folks, make smart decisions, really. I am unsure there is much to say to DMX. The question to Heavy Rotation is “What Y’all Really Want,” really, from DMX.

“DMX is on the hook for another $630,000 — this according to a booking agency which claims X’s legal problems torpedoed a lucrative international comeback tour … and now, it’s suing to get its money back.

The booking agency in question — a company called Heavy Rotation — filed the lawsuit in New York, claiming it struck an exclusive year-long deal with DMX in 2011 to book the rapper’s concerts … anywhere on the planet.

But according to the lawsuit, DMX was plagued with legal problems from the start — a traffic violation in August, and two nasty child support disputes … which led to a lien on the rapper’s passport, preventing him from performing overseas.

According to the suit, HR bent over backwards to fix the legal issues — coughing up nearly a hundred grand to cover bail, child support, and a slew of other legal bills … hoping it would clear the way for the tour, a task that included lifting the lien on X’s passport.

But HR claims its efforts were in vain — because DMX continued to cause problems, hiring outside management that tried to book DMX on shows within the United States … violating X’s agreement with HR. . .” – TMZ

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