ACLU Sues LA Sheriffs’ Dept Over Alleged Harassment of Photographers

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I have covered what to do when you are arrested. Pay attention to the videotape to how this photographer handled the situation here. He ascertained whether he was free to go. Why he was being detained, among other questions. When you deal with law enforcement, as a general rule, be compliant and respectful.

Also, when you ascertain that you are not free to go and are under arrest, ask for your attorney. Do not speak to the police about anything until you have spoken to a lawyer.

Photographers complain, quite often, of being harassed by the police where they take pictures in public places. The case below is an instance where photographers fight back.

“Asserting that harassment of photographers taking pictures in public places is unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds, the ACLU has filed suit in federal court in Los Angeles against the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. Video shows photographer Shawn Nee’s encounter with a deputy who stopped Nee for taking photos of then-newly installed turnstiles at the Metro station in Hollywood. Photographer Greggory Moore was surrounded by eight deputies on a public sidewalk in Long Beach while photographing traffic . . .” has the full story.

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