WARNING: Any Evidence You Post on Facebook Can Be Used Against You in the Court of Law, For Real!

Especially for my legal colleagues reading this, this article illustrates the closing gap between social media and the law. There are so many ways we can obtain evidence for litigation/trial purposes. Get savvy about the law (in this area) so you can better serve your clients. For my other industry colleagues i.e. fashion and entertainment industry professionals, there is a tendency to think creativity precludes liability or being governed by the laws of the USA, if you live in the USA. Not so folks. Here we go with the story and how the law in the Facebook era is developing.

“File this one under “Disappointing, but not really surprising.”

According to a new study, it turns out that quite a few law students not only break the law, but also post the evidence on Facebook. We’ve already covered why this is a bad idea.

For some reason I keep hoping Facebook has been around long enough that people –- at least those of us older than 16 –- would stop doing stuff like this and this. But I guess I’m just naive.

Let’s look at the study results….

In a recent Kaplan PMBR Bar Review survey of 428 third-year law students, 49 percent of respondents reported seeing something on someone’s Facebook page that “could get the poster in trouble with the law.”  Out of that group, nearly half –- 44 percent, to be precise — said the alleged offender was in law school or was a lawyer. . .”

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