IP Attorney Pamela Deese to Speak at SPLICE Licensor Summit at Licensing Show on Monday, June 11th, 2012

Unfortunately, I will not attend the Licensing International Expo. event this year. But, my colleague and rockstar lawyer I profiled last year, Pamela Deese, will.

More importantly, she will be presenting on the topic of Social media and Licensors. It is an event I think Licensors, Licensees and interested parties should attend.

Read on to find out why:

Event: SPLICE Licensor Summit

Date: Monday, June 11.

Here is the gist of what Deese will discuss:

Deese will suggest best practices for Licensors including assessing risk by examining their licensees’ use of their IP and asking:

• Do your license agreements address social media? Approvals? Limitations?
• Do your licensees discuss or disclose their social media plans as part of their marketing strategy?
• Do you monitor licensee use of your IP online?
• Do you guide your licensees in appropriate uses?

In order to reduce risk, Licensors will be advised to:
• Create clear and relevant guidelines for the use and appearance of all intellectual property
• Ask for representative samples of advertising online, radio, print and television and give meaningful and timely feedback
• Survey the landscape regarding what your licensees are doing with your brand


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