Who Said Models are Dumb? The Brilliance of Nana Keita, Funmi Alaiyemola and Ngo Okafor!

My friend Funmi Alaiyemola, one of Africa’s ex-Supermodels, just graduated from Baruch College in New York with a degree in Finance. Needless to say, I am very happy for her! But, it also got me thinking about how many people underestimate the brilliance of the beautiful long-legged creatures called models. My magazine, Ladybrille, celebrates four years in business precisely because I was thinking about this point, among other stereotypes about models, particularly African models. I decided I had do something about it and Ladybrille was the result. In any event, meet brilliant Supermodels Nana Keita who is from Mali and Ngo Okafor who is from Nigeria. They are Ladybrille Magazine’s Woman and Man of the Month, respectively. Models are “playing dumb” all the way to the bank. 🙂

Photocredit: Rosemary of Fashion Junkii/Funmi Alaiyemola
Magazine covers courtesy Ladybrille Magazine