X.O Senavoe Wishes Happy Mother’s Day to All Lawyer Mamas in ‘Mama (Can You Hear Me?)’

I have always admired and appreciated the following types of people I run into in the legal profession:

1. Those who are lawyers and proud to be lawyers, like really. I can’t stand when I run into lawyers that go on and on about how bad lawyers are etc. I’m like, “Okay . . . and you became an attorney because??” Get a new career or quit the whinning and be that lawyer you want everyone else to be.

2) Lawyers who do other things besides just practice law. Many lawyers I meet have other passions besides law. I am particularly impressed by those who pursue those interests and don’t feel they are only confined to the legal grind and hustle. A few exhibits include my colleagues: Staci Riordan who is a Fashion Lawyer and Fashion Law blogger, Kenya Wiley who is a Lawyer and a Fashion Politics Blogger; David Kelley who is a successful hip-hop artist by night and entertainment attorney by day. Even more exhibits can be found in this ABA Journal Article that features yours truly and other lawyers who straddle other passions.

3) Lawyer mamas. There are so many lawyer moms who straddle the rigorous demands of the profession, especially litigators, with being mommy and wifey. This is no easy thing.

Hats off to all lawyers in the above categories. Also, allow me to introduce, especially to my entertainment lawyer “movers and shakers” colleagues who frequent UDUAK LAW FIRM blog, one of our own who I believe fits into the categories above, X.O Senavoe. Senavoe is a Howard Law School graduate who worked for one of the top law firms in New York ((his firm) was ranked in the top ten firms at the time he quit last year and 2-4 on the (American Bar Association) ABA list). While he officially quit his big law firm job to pursue a music career, he has not foreclosed the possibility of working, years from now, as an attorney, I presume music lawyer?  He, also, in his latest track that I am about to share with you, salutes his now deceased mama (RIP) and all lawyer mamas out there.


Especially for my legal colleagues, remember, regardless of what we do or how accomplished we are, we all still have to answer to our mamas. Whether you be a prosecutor, judge, defense attorney, IP attorney or First Lady and member of the bar Michelle Obama, Esq., mothers have the final say and render the ultimate verdict. LOL!


“As a gift to the fans and a moving tribute to his late mother and for mothers everywhere, X.O Senavoe displays a softer, more personal side of himself and teams up with Ghanaian singer Efya to gift us with “Mama (Can You Hear Me?)”, a heartfelt rendition, filled with pure, raw emotion. Not a “single”, but on his upcoming very highly anticipated XpointO Intro EP/Tape, “Mama” is being released to coincide with May’s Mothers’ Day weekend, which is also her birth month.

“Mama” is more than just a song. In X.O’s words, it is a love letter to her, and a beautiful reminder for us to appreciate our mothers and mothers everywhere, recognizing the sacrifices they make to get us where we are.”

[audio:https://secureservercdn.net/|titles=MAMA by X.O Senavoe ft. Efya]

Courtesy photo and song by X.O Senavoe