Africa Legal Drama: Lynx Entertainment Drops Ghana’s Asem #Defamation #Moral Rights

Ghana’s Asem is an artist on one of the country’s record labels. Asem was, according to, recently dropped from his prior legal relationship with Lynx Entertainment management because of alleged accusations reported in the media of him drugging and raping a sixteen year old girl. The artist denies the allegations and has threatened to sue the many newspapers who ran the allegedly false stories.

His management, however, cites a different story for terminating their relationship with Asem, ”Lynx Entertainment and Asem have had differences in opinion as to the direction his career should go; For the past few months, Asem has been under a new management and certain decisions taken by the artist and his new management have not represented the general image the record label wishes to portray; and Lynx Entertainment also feels that keeping Asem on the label could limit him from pushing his career in the direction that he sees fit.”

The parties have agreed to grow their separate ways. Asem is threatening a defamation suit against the newspapers. In the USA, if a newspaper reports that a star has been accused of wrongdoing or committing a crime, if it is indeed true, then there is no defamation. This is distinct from saying he actually committed a crime.

On the label end, what if hypothetically Lynx Entertainment wanted to let Asem out of its legal relationship based on the alleged crime and Asem refused? What should Lynx do? It’s like a Charlie Sheen/John Galliano situation here. Your bad behavior affects our reputation which ultimately affects our bottom line, money.

The label would/should have a ‘Moral Rights’ clause in its contract which essentially protects its brand and reputation rights and permits it to get out of a contract where an artist is accused or actually commits a crime. It also allows Lynx to recover damages for such damage.

It really is terrible if Asem is accused for a crime he never committed. Reputation down the drain.

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